Raw Loops G House WAV

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Raw Loops G House WAVG House充满了这个子流派的所有元素,从巨型合成低音到eads & wobble sounds,再到出色的打击乐音色。大小为420 MB,创造了一个轨道的全部采样,hip-hop voice, bass, lead, pads, fresh vintage tops等等。

Top Loops – 27 hi-hat parts from old school to new school elements
Perc Loops – 30 tricky percussive rhythms primed to jack.
Bass Loops – 21 thick bass synth lead lines to be next mega hook
Music Loops – 18 far-out synth backing
Beat Loops – 44 hip hop infused house jams
Vocal Loops – 14 re-chopped vocal vinyl-cuts.
Hip Hop_Breaks – 10 break-beats with a hip-hop influenced core.
Pad Loops – 14 harmonic pad loops to add the emotional layer during your breaks.
RAW_Kicks – 22 pounding kick drums to crack through your tracks samples
ALL Loops are 24 bit WAVs @ 123 bpm
200 Total Loops X 420 MBs
Additional Information:
Melodic b-boy vibes with cuttin ‘phat beats, thick bass synth leads for the ultimate hip-hop house fusion. G House comes packed with all the elements for the next movement in this sub-genre, from the mega synth bass leads & wobble sounds, to big percussive hits, and shuffling ‘tops. Weighing in at 420 MBs the full spectrum of track creation is covered, hip hop vox, bass, leads, pads, fresh vintage tops & more.

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