Raw Loops Underground Party House WAV

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Raw Loops Underground Party House WAV640多MB的up-beat, hands up, funky underground house元素。这款采样包采用jackin’ tech,经典的House设计,适应现代厚实的grooves,是当今生产标准的完整音色库。

为了向昔日的House创始人和创新者致敬,Underground Party House包含了各种各样的功能,包括funk-fueled baselines, jackin’ tops, organic and machine perc groovers, hazy fx beds, up-lifting box, a stunning one-shot selection bursting with kicks, hats, snares, claps, percussion等等。



Synth Loops – 33 synth riffs and tripped out leads with a lifting feel.

Percussion Loops – 50 mixed percussionis loops for dynamic drums.

Top Loops – 54 kick-free tech-tinged tops – just load a kick for an instant jackin’ house.

Drum Loops – 50 Stripped tech-heavyweight beatdowns ready roll add a bassline, lead, vocal shots and your record is done.

Bass Loops – 25 deep sub-smackers for super low-end thickness.

Beat Loops – 30 beat loops set to aid track ideas.

Vocal Loops – 20 morphiing vox grooves with a hooky nature.

FX Loops – 25 warped fx, synths, ambience beds & more.

One-Shots – 162 kicks, claps, percs, hats, snares, & music hits at maximum power, just load them up in your sampler to create your own jackin’ beats.

ALL Loops are 24 bit WAVs @ 122 bpm w/ bass & synths key-labeled.

449 Total Loops & Sounds X 642.3 MBs

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