Phil Gallardo Trap Vocals Vol 1 WAV

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Phil Gallardo Trap Vocals Vol 1 WAVTrap Vocals Vol.1“是广泛的Phil Gallardo声乐phrases & cuts的一部分,具有极其广泛的风格:

– Agressive & dope one-shots & phrases
– Deep & storytelling phrases with all kinds of emotions
– Motivational, spiritual and just real speeches
– Funny quotes with the best stoner-humor out there
– Mind-bending vintage material: Anti-drug propaganda & education
– Psychedelic, depressive & mind alterning quotes
– Sweet & authentic other vintage material: Kids voices & adults voices
– Vintage noise textures to create the real dusty vintage dopeness
– No stuff that has ever been in other kits
– Each file comes as high quality .wav and is either a Long Phrase, a Short Phrase, or just a one-shot.
– Individually processed
– Designed for today´s music makers of all genres

“Trap Vocals Vol.1” comes straight out of the trap lab! Hand picked and chopped with lots of exclusive acapella content.
These vocal samples are suitable for dark atmosphere productions and various other styles. All samples are dry (no effects) and royalty free.

Product Includes:

• 200 Vocal Cuts & Phrases

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